Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Members,

I would like to congratulate you on your admittance to the University of Florida, as well as your decision to go through Panhellenic Recruitment! Primary Recruitment is an amazing experience you will not forget. I am looking forward to seeing you all throughout the week and for you to meet each of my wonderful sisters.

As you get ready for Recruitment this fall, I would like to give you some advice that I wish I would’ve received when I went through three years ago. First, I encourage you to get a fan of some kind since the Florida weather can be a little more extreme in the Swamp. We will have tents for you all, but I want you to be comfortable throughout the week. As far as shoes go, if you are wearing heels in the later rounds, make sure to pack comfier shoes to walk to Sorority Row in. My freshmen year I lived in Rawlings and I decided I would be fine walking over, but I quickly realized I was not. Throughout the week, be confident in yourself and have fun. Yes, this is a strenuous process, but I ensure you that it will be worth it.

Heading into my senior year I have been looking back at some of the wonderful things this Sigma Kappa has given me. My freshmen year I met my amazing Big sister Lillie, met some of my best friends during our overnight sisterhood to Atlanta, and participated in the Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. My sophomore year I met my hilarious Little Claire during recruitment, played on our softball intramural team, and became our Greek Relations Chair. Last year I had the honor of representing Sigma Kappa in a pageant philanthropy, participating in and winning a dodgeball philanthropy with the same sisters as the previous years, and, of course, being elected to serve as our Vice President of Membership. Without the encouragement and support of my Big and Little I would not have had the confidence to run for this position. My friends and this chapter have given me all I needed to become the confident, strong woman I am today.

My wish for you all is happiness that I’ve found in Sigma Kappa. My college experience has truly been heightened by my membership in this incredibly supportive and caring chapter. I have met so many wonderful women and am excited to see them do great things after college.

I hope you find your home in our chapter and make memories you will cherish forever.


Sigma’s Love and Mine,

Jessica Lien

Vice President of Membership